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Tablet Computers

Tablet computers are fully-functional notebook computers with an interactive pen and pen sensitive screen. You use the pen directly on the screen as you do a mouse to select or drag or in place of a keyboard to hand write notes and communications. My tablet of choice is the HP 2170p. Convertible models, such as the HP 2170p, have an attached keyboard and look much like a conventional notebook, except you can rotate the screen 180 degrees and lay it flat over the keyboard for a familiar reading and writing postion similar to a notepad. The following are benefits or features to consider.

  • The tablet form factor provides a single, portable note taking device.
  • Using Microsoft OneNote is a great tool for note organization. It is more than a simple tablet note taking tool. Microsoft provides tips for OneNote use with the tablet computer.
  • Converting handwriting to text is a time saving feature.
  • The tablet provides excellent mobility. By following other mobility and portability practices, my tablet provides access to notes, as well as any other information I need in meetings or on the road.
  • With a tablet computer you can bypass note taking and assign a task immediately in a task manager such as Outlook Tasks or send an email inquiry. This is point of request action or service.
  • While in meetings the computer provides quick and easy reference via the corporate network or the web.
  • It is possible to go paperless. Instead of carrying materials between the office and home or bringing materials to meetings, with electronic documents your entire briefcase or office becomes the tablet.
  • Having your computer with you is a great time saver if you have down time between meetings or during a meeting.
  • The form factor is simply a great mobile computer.

Consider changing how you work. The best tools can make a difference.

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