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LinkedIn: Professional Network

Linkedin is a pervasive business network that leverages the Internet and the web. It is a good tool for maintaining and building business contacts. It syncs to Outlook so it keeps contact information current. The connections are helpful if you need a service or want a referral. While I do not use it to solicit business, it has led to sales leads. I simply hope people think of Tushaus Computer Services when they need computer services. It is useful when filling job openings. The contacts provide advice. Or I provide advice which builds reputation and credibility. It is interesting to observe what other contacts or connections are doing or reading. I learn from others this way. With a public profile it increases visibility on the Internet. With links back to your web site it increases [Google] page rank. I only add people I know. It has not added unwanted email. The people in the network are respectful of others. The blog Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn by Guy Kawasaki is a useful reference for using the tool. Linkedin is a business tool worth using.

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