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Mulit Handset Freedom Using Cell Phones

It is becoming more common, especially with younger generations, to eliminate land lines in favor of cell phones only. One drawback with this approach is you need your cell phone nearby to take a call unlike traditional phone systems. Now there are devices that connect your cell phone through a corded or cordless phone system using Bluetooth. We use the Xlink-cell Bluetooth Gateway with the Uniden DECT 6.0 Cordless Telephone System (DECT3080-3). Yet almost any telephone system will work. We have the freedom of a cordless multi-handset phone system using our cell phone line. The setup and pairing process was easy. Making and receiving calls is seamless. The cell phone simply needs to be nearby. The Xlink supports up to 3 cell phones. We already have cell phones so we save the cost of a land line.

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