Who Is Your Information Curator?

Data retention is an issue that goes beyond the risk of retaining data subject to legal discovery. There is a cost to retaining data, which is much greater than the cost of storage. We risk our own productivity as we accumulate and retain data that has lost its usefulness. Google, Bing and other search tools are working to improve the relevance of search results. This battle is escalating as data accumulates at a rapid pace. We experience information fatigue, especially when we cannot find relevant information in a sea of data. As information workers, our ability to efficiently and effectively access relevant data can be a competitive advantage. Cleaning, possibly by eliminating outdated or redundant data, is part of the solution. We have opportunities to organize, store and manage information collectively to improve our productivity. Who is your information curator?  How do you managing information effectively? These are burning question many organization are facing.  Technology is only part of the solution.  My colleagues and I are addressing these challenges with clients.  Are you feeling this pain?  Contact us or contact me.