Notes and Notebooks

My method similar to my task list is to maintain one “notebook” or notes location.  My notes become an important preparation tool.  I prepare for meetings by copying the meeting agenda into the note and then adding my notes or questions.  In preparation, I add documents and links into the note.

When notes contribute to a product such as meeting minutes, a plan or task, I’m avoiding the note step and recording the information in the target document.  I’m recording or assigning a task directly or asking a question by composing an email rather than recording a note only to transfer it to a later.  This saves a step or transfer.  Therefore, notes are a temporary record.  My notebook does not become a personal storage cabinet.  The information is stored in a shared location in the form of minutes, assignments, task, emails, etc.  This gives my co-workers access to the information.

My note taking application is Evernote.  Evernote has clients for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and Web. Notes are stored in the cloud and synced to the clients for access offline.  There are other features such as the ability to email notes to your Evernote notebook, tags and shared notebooks.