Task Management

The foundation of my work flow is based on the bestselling book, Getting Things Done by David Allen43 folders is a productivity blog that’s name, 43 folders, comes from this book.  I practice the 4 D’s when processing stuff such as email – do it, delegate it, defer it or delete it.

All my to do’s are in my Outlook Task list.  I’ve eliminated multiple to do lists such as a day planner, note pads, post-it notes and email inbox.  There is typically no email in my inbox.  It does not become another to do list.   The Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook is a good guide for task management using Microsoft Outlook.  I reference my tasks on the go with IMExchange, which synchronizes directly with tasks in Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. With mobile access to tasks, I can complete tasks such as making or returning phone calls while out of the office. 

Tasks format and task content is important for effectively completing task while mobile or out of the office. For example, including a phone number in the tasks description allows me to select the link from my mobile phone to place the call. 

I’ve separated my work tasks from my personal tasks.  For managing personal tasks, I prefer using Toodledo, which synchronizes with Outlook and offers web and mobile access. 

Effective work flow management and effective use of tools make a difference managing work and priorities.