iPhones Are Everywhere. Really?

In Las Vegas there is a lot to observe.  While there recently and walking the strip, one observation I made is iPhones seem to be everywhere.  Why is this?  It is not because the iPhone has the largest market share.  In fact, Apple has only 16% of the global smart-phone market share. Why is the iPhone "everywhere"?  Because the iPhone is the smart-phone that people use.  These people are not just the geeks.  Beyond, phone calls and email, people are using iPhones for many applications.  I have nearly 90 applications on my iPhone.  Half of these applications I use frequently.  This explains why we see what seems like so many iPhones.  Other devices are in peoples pockets or purses.  People really use iPhones.  Is this a reflection of the people buying these devices or of the device itself.  Probably both.  These buyers want more than a phone but so do presumably other smart-phone buyers.  The iPhone along with the applications is making a difference in people's lives.  We need to take notice and understand it.  It is not enough or maybe it is too much to create appealing, "open" products with a zillion features.  It seems Apple understands ordinary people.  This is good.  For the rest of us delivering computer products and services, do you understand?