Apps, Apps and More Apps

“SmartPhones” have become pervasive.  SmartPhones are computers with a phone.  The applications (apps) were the game changer.  This will be the decade of the apps.  We will see applications in phones, printers, cars, TVs, appliances . . . everywhere.  My phone or portable computer has become an invaluable tool.  Just think about everything this device supplements or replaces. Here is my list, so far.

Phone, Rolodex, Date Book, Calculator, To Do List, Notebook, Dictionary, Map, Weather Channel, Radio, Compass, Flashlight, Clock/Watch, White Pages, Yellow Pages, Portable White Board, Medical Reference, Password Keeper, Remote Access, Voice Recorder, Camera, Video Camera, Dictation, Remote Access, Speed Tester, Wi-Fi Locator, Journal, Newspaper, eBook Reader, Bookshelf, Personal Assistant, GPS, Finance Manager, Stock Ticker, Investment Management, Shopping List, Restaurant Critic, Coupon Keeper, TV Guide, Movie Guide, Remote Control, Score Keeper, Game Console, Comics, Personal Trainer, Ski Report, Trail Map, Personal Reminders, School Tutor, Conversation Starter.

iPhone users can learn more about the applications others use on Appolicious.  My Appolicious user name is greggtushaus.