With the proliferation of iPhone applications it was time to re-evaluate the Apple iPhone 3G as a viable business mobile device. The iPhone 3G added support for Microsoft Exchange, which is important for many business users. The mail interface is good and different than the Windows Mobile alternative but not significantly better. Navigation between multiple mail accounts is cumbersome. Accepting appointments does not prompt with reply options. Alerts are not persistent, causing me to miss notices. It does not have Outlook Tasks. Although there are iPhone Apps alternatives such as KeyTasks. It still does not have tethering for Internet pass-through, which it should support considering the costly data plan. The Safari Internet browser is superior to the Windows Mobile browser. The lack of copy and paste is sorely missing. The Windows Mobile home screen with calendar and email for quick reference is preferable to the iPhone home screen. Battery life is acceptable, even with Wi-Fi and Blueetooth. At times I miss a keyboard. The feel of the iPhone in your hand is superior. The iPhone Apps make a positive difference, especially the position based applications such as AroundMe, FreeWi-Fi, Cheap Gas, and Yelp. It is not difficult to see the potential of business applications on this platform. There are trade-offs between other devices. The iPhone 3G is not a clear winner, yet the best mobile device for business.