Gaming and Exercise

This is the time of year we start our new year resolutions or simply work to loose that weight we gained during the holidays. I'm no exception. I enjoy gaming and I exercise to remain healthy. So, a few years ago I found the GameBike that combines gaming and exercise. We bought the Recumbent GameBike Pro from We added a Viewsonic 42" LCD, PlayStaion 2 and Logitech surround sound speaker system. The LCD hangs from the ceiling in front of the bike.

My favorite game is ATV 4. Playing ATV 4 on a recumbent bike with a steering wheel feels real. Not that I ever raced a dirt buggy off road. And it is good the game warns you during load that it is just a game or there is no telling what I may have done.

It really makes the time pass while exercising and it is fun.